Elle Decor’s 8 Better Ways to Display Art

We just got some Audubon bird reproductions framed with a dusty blue mat. I’ve been wanting a set of photos or paintings to go on our long bedroom wall, and I think we picked a winner! When my place is finished decorating, I’ll make sure to post photos!

Ways to Display Art

I just loved this Elle Decor feature on 8 different ways to display art in your home. We all need more art in our lives, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! I’ll either frame photos that I took, frame a special token that was given to me, or buy art from local artists. Check out the article here.


My trip to Purl Soho! Embroidery and fabrics yay! (Trouvés Top Five)

Boy is it ever hot here in Southern California! I made a new cooling mist that I love, but I wish I had some spearmint oil to add to it. It’s distilled water + lavender essential oil + peppermint oil in a mister bottle, kept in the fridge. It’s pretty yummy.

Fashion & Beauty

I was working at an event recently that had guests dressed to the nines. Several girls were dressed very Kardashian, with crop top skin-tight outfits, fake lashes, heavy eyeliner, the works. I couldn’t help but think that the makeup aged them by twenty years, and I realize now that I automatically avoided looking at them for the rest of the night because I felt like it was such a shame! The most beautiful gal I saw though, was a plus-size girl who had on a very elegant ’20s art deco long gown that fit her figure. She paired it with simple hot-roller loose locks and natural makeup. Belíssima! As far as the heavy makeup, more is sometimes just. . . more.

My tip for evening makeup? Strong brow, bronzer on the cheeks, highlighter. But if you struggle with how to pull off a certain look, check out Pixiwoo’s Youtube channel. She’s a makeup genius!


So I was looking for some embroidery ribbon so that I could start asap on my Alabama Chanin tank top I was making. I called a few places and looked at JoAnn and Hobby Lobby, but to no avail. Then I saw on Google Maps a location near me that said PurlSoho.com. . . It’s their warehouse! It made for a great reason to shower. Yes, it’s not a storefront, it’s a warehouse, but the public can shop in it during certain hours. Everyone was friendly, and we rocked out to modern tunes. Well, I ended up getting the wrong ribbon for my top, but I’ll use it for some craft eventually. I can’t wait to go back there and buy some fabric! I have my eyes on, well, everything, but realistically, the next thing I’ll probably buy is this Nani Iro just because it’s so beautiful.



One thing I regret is not finishing decorating my last bedroom the way I really wanted. It’s so important to create your living space into one that you’ll enjoy resting in, as well as a space that is hospitable to your guests. In my last place, when I didn’t have people over (and unfortunately even when I did) my place was a sewing mess. Fabric and projects everywhere. It took away from the little decorating I did do in the main area. Never again!

I’ve been trying to finish up decorating our little place, which is hard when you’re on a budget, but not even close to impossible. The latest thing I did was sew a box-pleat bed skirt. It grounds the room and hides the ugly box spring I’ve been looking at for far too long. I’ll post a photo when I’m done decorating the whole bedroom! Matthew says that the bed with the skirt looks better than he thought it was going to look. When will he learn to trust me, really? Here is a “during” photo. I found a few tutorials online, then created my own pattern.



I was realizing, as we were touring the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, that I am so bad at living in the moment when it’s not a face-to-face conversation. That’s one thing I can be present for! I’ve never been great at remembering history, but there is a definite need for us to be informed of our past to help us navigate our future! Amazing what Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan did to help end the Cold War.


Me in a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office. Ok, just me in a recreation of the Oval Office with several tourists next to me.


Always Ice Cream

If you’ve never tried this kind, you’re missing out. I started eating it in the car. It made a mess but it was worth it.


Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse Review – detox your body

I just watched Age of Adaline on Hulu, and I loved it! Not like, 10-Things-I-Hate-About-You-love. More like, that-was-beautiful-I’ll-probably-only-watch-it-once-or-twice-again-love. This morning I waxed on to my husband on the genius of Blake Lively while he got ready for work. He said, “Who’s that?” Um, she was only in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! And, of course, made a perfect Serena van der Woodsen. Well, anyway, I cried a few times during the movie, once when Harrison Ford broke down. I think I’m going to start dressing more charming ’50s now.

Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse Review

I went to TJ’s for some probiotics and thought, Well the Complete Body Cleanse is only $12, may as well. I started the gentle two-week cleanse the night before I went on vacation, don’t ask me why, I had my reasons. Let me just tell you, it works. The cleanse totally cleans you out since you’re taking a ton of fiber. I am no expert but I am assuming you need to continue to take your multivitamins and probiotics since the cleanse probably rids you of both the bad and good bacteria in your gut, so you need probiotics via supplements or yogurt or kombucha to restore healthy gut flora.

The downside to the cleanse is you have to swallow a ton of pills for two weeks. Also, waking up early to head to the bathroom. The upside is, you are cleaning your body! If you don’t do a cleanse for no other reason, do it as a science experiment, it’s quite entertaining actually. I’ll probably do this cleanse once or twice a year, especially at the beginning of the year so that I can get a fresh start after holiday sugar intake. An upside is, you’re not running to the bathroom 24/7, just in the morning, and mainly during the first 3 days. Be sure to drink plenty of water so that is helps flush out the toxins.

That same week I also used my birthday facial and massage. I loved it! My skin was never smoother. I had to write down what parts of my body were achey. An issue I have been having for months is my knees click when I go up the stairs. No bueno. Only a couple days after my massage did I realize that my knees no longer clicked! I think my muscles were probably so tight and things were out of alignment. A downside to my massage is that because massages do such a good job of detoxing and relaxing your body, and on top of that I started taking my Trader Joe’s cleanse, my nose started to run like a faucet, and then I got stuffed up for a week. This tends to happen to me whenever I eat something greasy after getting a massage and then I feel really sick. I’ll never learn.

Beautiful Oregon and Washington Mountain Photos (Independence Day)

If you’re looking for our wedding photos post, here is the post.


Today I woke up and felt inspired to finish decorating our bedroom, so I went on craigslist to look for estate sales and found Ruby’s estate sale, from the orginal Ruby’s Diner. I’m sad I wasn’t in town for this!



As promised, here are some photos from our family reunion in Bend, Oregon! People came from as far away as Arizona and Maine. We laughed, we cried, we played mini golf.

I opened up this family’s tent, and you’ll never believe what I saw… (Independence Day, Alabama Chanin, Mount Hood)

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Well, Independence Day weekend came and went. We are back home from our family reunion trip to Bend, Oregon, and we are tired and full of chicken and cole slaw. I smiled for a gajillion photos and blew bubbles until I almost passed out while a 3 year old growled and danced before all the bubbles. Grandpa G. showed us the wood shop he built and told us some jokes. One of my favorites:

Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack came down and broke $10 and I got a buck twenty-five.

And we heard variations of this knock knock joke for ten minutes straight from 3-year-old Lucy:

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who?

Don’t worry, we’re going in a banana!

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Purple banana. Purple banana who?

Don’t worry, we’re going in a purple banana!


So the title of this post is poking fun at click bait. But I guess it literally is click bait, sorry. Well, I’ll tell you what I saw that left me shocked for the next hour or so.

So there I was, walking with little Lucy to their tent to get her toy. She opened up the tent, and this is what I saw. I just stared at it, not fully hearing Lucy’s questions to me. Could this be? I wanted to believe it but didn’t want to get my hopes up. We walked back to where everyone was lounging and I asked my new sister-in-law Lorraine, “So, is Alabama Chanin in your tent?” She laughed and said, yes, she’s making a dress, and has almost all of their books.



*photos taken with permission from hand-sewing goddess

I previously wrote about my obsession for Alabama Chanin here. And… my freakout starts again- THEY HAVE A NEW COLLECTION!! Instagram, you let me down. How did I not know this?

The Antheia skirt… words cannot express how much I love and need this skirt. But at $3,240, you can see why Natalie Chanin publishes books teaching people how to make their own!

Antheia Skirt Alabama Chanin

Antheia hand-sewn, hand-appliquéd organic cotton skirt Alabama Chanin

Back to Lorraine’s creation: The hanging pieces are panels on her dress that are two pieces (one red, one black) of jersey fabric put together and then embroidered and appliquéd, like a lovely handmade quilt, but for clothing! A few tricks Lorraine has to making the stencils is to get a special craft swivel stencil X-acto knife. She also uses fabric spray paint for the stencils instead of paint-and-sponge since it both dries quickly and can be applied quickly. I loved that while a bunch of us played mini-golf in the backyard, she followed us, appliquéing away.

The thing I love about us youngins hand-making, hand-appliquéing our own clothing is we are carrying forth the traditions that our grandmas/aunts/mothers had. If I were a journalist I would love to chronicle all of the quilts Grandma G. handmade for all of her grandchildren. And I do mean entirely sewn by hand, in her lap, and hand-quilted. Later this week I’ll share the amazing quilt that was hanging in our guest bedroom in Bend, Oregon.

Tomorrow’s post I’ll show some photos from our family reunion during Independence weekend.