Toilet paper crisis, and other felt necessities

On Reducing, Reusing, etc….

This morning I read about the toilet paper “crisis” in New Jersey (read here) and was mildly amused.  I have often wondered what I would do if I were allowed but a few squares a day (in college I remember hearing about a people that were only allowed 2 squares daily).

The paper cup part of the article, however, was what really caught my attention. Why waste paper when people could bring their own tumblers to work/coffee shops/travelling (and in the case of New Jersey, save the city and taxpayers $4,000?) The last time I used a styrofoam cup I felt so bad I brought it home and tore it up to use for drainage in the bottom of a potted plant. I found this amazing Aladdin ecycle tumbler at Staples that is:

  1. made from recycled material
  2. is microwaveable
  3. can be recycled again
  4. BPA free
  5. It’s only $5 right now
  6. Will give you a discount at certain coffee shops if you use it instead of a throwaway cup


Do it, people! Captain Planet wants you to.


What are your thoughts?

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