Spring wardrobe staples

Since I’m a big fan of classic wardrobe pieces that one can wear from season to season, I’m also, then, a big fan of actress Sami Gayle’s classic style, featured here in Who What Wear’s “Girl of the Month” spread.  Blazers are not just for cubicles and interviews, but I like them to snazz up a plain outfit for day or a night out!

I actually have a grey vintage blazer that I’m going to fashion to look like the AlpineStars jacket, below, with gold buttons and navy collar. An easy alterations wardrobe pick-me-up!  I have also been craving wearing skinny bright-hued trousers, though I haven’t found the time to shop for any or make any myself. Before one goes gallavanting around the city wasting gas, however, it’s a good idea to shop on Polyvore, or a similar website. You can pick what price range you’re looking for in a bright trouser!

from WhoWhatWear.com

What are your thoughts?

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