Throwing away the throwaway mentality: McManus bags

Medicine bag by McManus

Right now I am desiring to watch the documentaries on my Netflix queue that follows someone in search of a simpler lifestyle.  I could make the same film with my present life.

The search for a simpler lifestyle also made me realize that my initial enamoration with the “be a member and buy 1 pair of shoes a month for only $40” website led me lemming-like down the ugly consumerist throwaway-culture road. . . something many of us trend-setting girls are guilty of.  I recently closed my membership when I realized I can find an amazing pair of vintage leather mid-heels at the thrift store for $3 (they have never been worn by the way and are one of my most comfortable pair of shoes) that will last for many many years.  My penchant to wear the same quality-made shoes also makes me love the McManus line of accessories that look sturdy, classic, and is something you can pass on to future generations.

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