Trouvés’ line of soy candles

After being frustrated with not being able to find a soy candle that was all-natural (including using essential oils), we decided to set to work: Keeping in line with Trouvés’ commitment to helping others live the most conscientious, healthy life, we’ve created a line of candles that:

  • is safe for pets, children, and the environment (caution: may be harmful around birds and other types of animals)
  • is all-natural and non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
  • uses soy wax, cotton wick, and essential oils (instead of toxic synthetic oils)
  • uses 40% recycled glass (glass is infinitely recyclable) and FSC sourced paper
  • is safe for the skin- can be used as a massage wax
  • is aromatherapeutic (to calm, energize, as an aphrodisiac, etc.)
The candles will be available for purchase online Thursday, May 31 (check back here).  Those in the midwest can purchase at the next Market Day in Des Moines, IA Saturday June 2, 9am-2pm


What are your thoughts?

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