Foraging for berries

I remember walking across the alleyway when I was little, to the neighbor’s yard to pick blackberries off the bush. (This is a vivid memory, so it must have happened every single season until I graduated high school.) Because this is one of my favorite childhood memories, I thought why not recreate: we planted red raspberries, blackberries, orange raspberries, and blueberries in the back yard this spring.  Can you imagine coming home from a hard day at work, plopping down in the dirt, and feasting without a care in the world? Sure beats Happy Hour caloric intake!

If you have space for a plant in your yard, I highly recommend getting some sort of berry plant to make life a little interesting.  Last year I gave my grandma a hanging strawberry plant for mother’s day, and she planted it in her garden.  It had a couple of sad looking tiny green strawberries on it when I bought it, but this year I got the firstfruits of the season (see below).  Also, since I have my own garden now, she is giving me part of the flourishing plant back to enjoy.

fresh organic garden strawberries
Raspberries from the garden that were promptly consumed

What are your thoughts?

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