Homemade wedding gifts: apron and cloth napkins

If you, like me, have a lot of celebrations and weddings to attend this summer, that means potentially spending a large wad of cash on gifts for your loved ones, or if you’re in my family, literally handing over a wad of cash in a plain envelope.  If I have time I like to make personalized homemade gifts that will stand out.  Since I just started an aromatherapy soy candle line, I like to give those as gifts since everyone loves candles.  I’m also making a “Romance” candle soon that is an aphrodisiac- perfect to give as wedding gifts!

For my cousin’s wedding I had bought her bridal shower gift so I thought I would hand-make her something, since she and I did start a craft and sewing club when we were in middle school. It was called The Crayon Club.

asian-inspired handmade apron

The punchy orange ribbon ties in the back, and I used a chartreuse colored fleur de lis fabric for the neckties. I didn’t use a store-bought pattern, I just made one out of newspaper since I’ll likely be making this again. For future aprons I think I’ll make the top rectangular and make the skirt pleated a lå oldschool aprons.

handmade cloth napkins

I have had yards and yards of this striped fabric from Los Angeles for years, and I just keep making things with it. I think I’m finally getting down to the last few yards. Thankfully, it is a timeless fabric and I’ve made it into everything from curtain ties to tote bags. I think I got the orange fabric from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics which I had made into a wrap dress and sold at the store a few months ago. I’ll be making more of those.  I made these cloth napkins quite small for use as fingertip napkins, but in the future I’ll make 21″x21″ ones that can cover your lap.


What are your thoughts?

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