Create favorite Sunday pasttimes


I am of the camp that attempts to make every moment memorable, especially with holiday traditions.  Today isn’t a holiday, but it is Sunday, so I attended a service in the early morning then walked over to Panera to grab a bagel, where a new tradition awaited me. My wandering eyes rested on the very top baskets at the back wall where there were demi baguettes, french baguettes, and croissants which I had never noticed before. I was instantly transported back to Europe where a friend and I sat, backpack-laden, down on a busy curb to eat our dinner which consisted of a french baguette and large and delicious apples: a true French meal.

I guess my transportation took me back in time longer than is normal at Panera- when I walked over to the registers the checkout girl said with a smile, “all that time deciding and just a french baguette?” If she could only know the satisfying new tradition (and secret portal) that their french baguette held.

Here is a french baguette recipe from Allrecipes that I will try soon. I normally bake sandwich bread, but for those who’ve already forgotten, I have a new tradition to start.


What are your thoughts?

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