Why you should take advantage of garage sales

Answer: Because you get great deals that you thought you needed to buy at Target! Also, you are reusing and reducing waste in landfills, and if you ever need to get rid of your stuff (or your house burns down) you won’t feel bad you only spent a few dollars on it.

This morning I hopped out of bed and helped myself to Second Hand Rose Antiques’ tag sale in the Thoreau Center in a beautiful neighborhood. Although the unique vintage furniture was out of my budget, I did find this regal-looking ornate 5×7 bejewelled frame for only 6 dollars. It made me feel even more special that I had found a great deal when someone I knew said “What did you find? Ohhh I didn’t see that…” Score! I’m buying it.

On my way home I stopped at a flea market near my house where I found a few things including a teeny tiny vintage-looking frame for 99 cents. I thought “do I really need a teeny tiny frame? Is it just clutter?” I then, however, had an image of putting a photo of me and my mother in it and displaying it in my bookcase. Done!

Imagine a black and white photo in the bejewelled frame-lovely!

What are your thoughts?

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