From homeless to Olympics to fashion

I’m excited about a great new denim company that just launched called Loyal Mission. The jeans look like they have a great fit with great washes and a lot of silhouettes to choose from. Plus, one of my favorite models, Chawon Ko, is one of the faces (or bottoms) of the brand. The founder, Ryky Tran, has a fascinating story, from living out of his car to training for the Olympics. I served with Ryky in Los Angeles at Mosaic, and I’m excited to see where he is now and also to wear these premium jeans.

Their core principles:

We started our business with these core principals in mind:

a.) Operate as a fully-sustainable for-profit company, with a strong sense of social responsibility at our core.

b.) Deliver the highest quality products, without compromise.

c.) Keep hard-working Americans employed through our 100% dedication to having all of our products designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.


What are your thoughts?

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