My new must-have fall item: Breton sweater

My sweater! Merona Breton at Target $19.99
from Breton top

I had researched for maybe an hour the best deal on Breton sweaters online, as well as how to knit or sew one, and posted them here to Trouvés’ Pinterest account.  In the September issue of Vogue, however, I saw a multi-page ad for Merona at Target, which included a $19.99 Breton sweater!  I was at Target today getting a bunch of sweatshirts (for a project that includes huge bows) and remembered the Merona Breton sweater so I thought why not buy a little something for myself? Especially since this was on my “fall wardrobe” list.  I’m normally a size sm/med, but I love oversized sweaters, especially with skinny jeans or a short skirt, and boots… so I got the large!  On a quality scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best:

From the fashion layperson’s perspective up close: 10!

From afar: 10!

From the European knits and fibers expert’s eye up close: 5

It’s a cotton/rayon/nylon blend so it should have some good resilience after you wash it. With all of my sweaters I reshape and lay flat to dry, so I’d suggest the same for this.  Another great thing about this sweater is that it’s been a classic wardrobe staple for so many decades, so you don’t have to worry about not being fashionable!

Here is another Target sweater that I love:

Color block sweater in orange color block orange and tan sweater by Merona

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