Cooking as therapy

I thought of a way to enjoy leftovers and homemade food instead of going out to eat so much: cook really good food.  A simple assessment, but out of habit and convenience I have been making the same food.  This week I’ve made:

1) lentil curry (On a scale of 1-10: YUM)

2) mushroom leek risotto (YUM)

3) a slow-cooked roast with veggies (YUM)

4) homemade cinnamon rolls (I halved the recipe but it still made about 40 rolls. YUM)

I read an article years ago in Vogue where the author was prescribed by her therapist to start cooking meals at home in order to spice up her life. I can attest that it works! Cooking forces me to slow down, and because I have all of this food, I call up some friends and have a good excuse for a get-together. So get cooking!


What are your thoughts?

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