Skinny tie tutorial and free pattern

I was looking for a free pattern online for a men’s skinny tie, and I found a great one at See Kate Sew’s blog. I adapted it by making it longer so that the tie measures 58″ long and 2.5″ wide. I also straightened out some of the lines, and made the point of the tie even.  I’m currently making a heathered tan knit skinny tie- I’ll post photos and let you know how it turns out. (update: The ponte fabric I used was way too thick. I’ll try a cotton next time.)

She also has adorable patterns for babies and accessories.  My faves are the furry little girl’s vest and the ruffled baby diaper cover bloomers! Pretty simple to make. Just print off the pattern on your printer, tape it together, and follow the easy-to-follow instructions!  May have to adapt the vest to fit me…

patterns by SeeKateSew
patterns by SeeKateSew

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