DIY super soft baby blanket

buttery soft fleece blanket
buttery soft fleece blanket

I love handmaking gifts for friends when time allows it. Thankfully, this baby blanket is a snap to make. I got the mint green polka-dotted buttery soft fleece at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, and the fabric for the binding I already had yards and yards of (I think from Jo-Ann’s as well). The blanket is 27″x27″.

For me, one of the most fun parts about handmaking something is getting to peruse through all of the beautiful fabrics at the store, and then of course, to say when they open the gift “I made it myself!”

Baby Blanket Instructions


3/4 yard fleece

1″ bias binding (or cut up bias strips from fabric you have). Bias cut is necessary.

Step 1: wash and dry fabric according to instructions.

Step 2: Cut your fleece into a 27″x27″ square.

Step 3: Pin binding on, then sew, being careful not to stretch your fleece too much. I sewed it the faster way, where you fold the binding on, sew once and you’re done. Here is a video of the traditional way. Voila! You’re done.


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