From fit to fat

I feel like all of my friends have been talking about training for a half marathon, 5k, or doing Farrell’s every single morning even whilst on a missions trip to El Salvador.  While they’re talking, I envision myself signing up and working out hardcore, and by the end of my reverie I think “no” and find a thrill in planning my next meal.  My younger sports self tells my older sedate self that I’ve lived out my sporty years and that it’s time to rest the knees and garden, make myself a cute dress, and read a Redbook magazine (just spent 2 hours this Sunday afternoon reading the entire issue).  My 2-a-day team workout days (with subsequent icing of knees and shins) may be over but life’s adventures continue with my new must-have floral seed picks for my garden.  Also, stay tuned for a photo of a dress I will hopefully finish tonight!

(Note: Lest you find me gluttonous and self-indulging, I do work out, I have not completely let myself go. I also 1) use my flowers as gifts to people and 2) use my garden produce to help feed family, friends, and neighbors. Who is my neighbor?)

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