An easy handmade birthday gift- Letter throw pillow

letter initial throw pillow

We were celebrating my friend Haley’s birthday, and I thought a cute and personalized gift idea would be to make her a letter pillow. She had a big “H” on her bedroom door, so I figured I’d match it up with some more letters. Her bedding color scheme is grey and purple, and thankfully, I had some quilting fabric in those exact colors. The “H” is appliqued on there using Heat-N-Bond’s sewable iron-on adhesive, and stitched with a zigzag stitch. This took me about 45 minutes to make (the hand-sewing to close up the opening is the least-fun part, to me.)

Also, it’s seed-sowing time! I started some seeds indoors yesterday while I caught up on NBC’s Fashion Star online. (Planted: sweet peppers, kale, snapdragons, shasta daisies, garden herb mix, zucchini, forget-me-not, eggplant).
planting seeds indoors


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