A fashion magazine that doesn’t make you feel crappy- Los Angeles

I love fashion, but I always have to be intentional about not getting self-involved, especially after reading a fashion magazine.  This same culturally pervasive dilemma is what led Sarah Dubbeldam (a model in one of my shows) to start Darling Magazine, a magazine dedicated to topics and editorial spreads that encourage and edify its female readers.  I remember being so excited after I and other potential writers had met with Sarah to discuss her vision, but because of my schedule, I couldn’t commit to writing.  Buy an issue online or at Anthropologie- it’s so much more fun to flip through a real hard copy, I say.

The Darling Magazine video feature below is a pilot of Good Taste and Gatherings, a documentary series in celebration of unique Foodies who translate their passion for hospitality and cuisine into extraordinary community experiences. www.youtube.com/goodtastegatherings

Produced by Tribe of Asher www.TribeofAsherCreates.com (I am admittedly a bit partial, the producer is one of my best friends.)


What are your thoughts?

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