My try at making soft boiled eggs

Remember the scene in “Julie and Julia” where Julie tries to poach an egg several times, and in the end her favorable assessment was that it tasted like cheese sauce?  I liken that to my experience making my first soft boiled egg.  It’s a little scary at first but in the end it is worth the research and effort.

I am not a fan of eating hard boiled eggs as I feel like they get stuck in my throat, so I thought I might try this route. I’m excited that I’ve learned a new skill. Now all I need is an egg cup and cozy. Here are Real Simple’s picks for top 8 Egg Cups.

My first soft boiled egg
My first soft boiled egg. My second try was less cooked, which is the way I like it.
knitted egg cozy from
knitted egg cozy from

What are your thoughts?

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