Amish caramel corn recipe for May Day

The last time I celebrated May Day was probably in grade school, so I had to look up exactly what people did to celebrate the day. I learned that people usually give a mixture of flowers and candy.  I wanted something simple to make for the neighbors and I didn’t have time to buy anything, so I made caramel corn from this Amish recipe.  It’s one of the best corns I’ve ever eaten that I audibly commanded myself a few times to stop sampling it.

I didn’t make enough popcorn to fill 8 paper lunch bags, so I made a food cone out of cardstock (harder than it seems, folks) and stuck that in the paper bag. I also found free May Day printables online and cut those out, and voila! A happy little May Day basket for both friendly and irritating neighbors.  I knocked on doors and walked away, and only got found out by one neighbor who yelled “thank you!” to which I responded, “Happy May Day!”

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