Braised tofu… my taste buds have been titillated

Today (Sunday) I was about to work in the garden when it started pouring outside, so I did the next best things on a Sunday:  buy a couple of plant pots, try a new recipe, paint my nails, and watch Julie and Julia!

I had seen this recipe for braised tofu on Pinterest last week because I had a package of tofu I was needing to use.  I don’t normally cook with tofu because almost every time I’ve made it I haven’t been too impressed, but… YUM.  It’s such a simple meal to prepare, but the flavors altogether are something to be savored.  The ingredients are some that every mildly serious cook should have on hand.

Once it started merely sprinkling out, I threw on my galoshes, seeded some eggplant and poppies, and harvested some green onion. My next cooking adventure? I’m having a successful and creative new friend over for brunch on Wednesday and fully intend on impressing her with a soufflé… Julia Child’s soufflé.

Braised tofu from
Braised tofu from

2 thoughts on “Braised tofu… my taste buds have been titillated

  1. Dear Julia, can I please borrow Julie and Julia?! I pinky promise I will take care of it and return it. Also, you have galoshes. I’m in love.

    1. You’re in love with me or my galoshes?… Now here’s the question- would you have bought Julie and Julia had I not?? Yes remind me next time I see you!

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