A friend for breakfast… and Julia Child’s soufflé

Julia Child's souffle with gruyere, soft boiled eggs, strawberries
Julia Child’s souffle with gruyere, soft boiled eggs, strawberries. A small vile of blooms from my bridal wreath bush. more photos below

I always enjoy talking to my friend Leslie as she is always up to something inspiring.  Her social media outputs are laden with photos of homemade cakes for weddings and birthdays as well as photo sequences of Tobogganauf racing down the steep streets of Des Moines’ snowy Sherman Hill neighborhood. Forbidden are the photos of projects she creates for various magazines’ features. The last time we had a long sitdown chat it was at the french eatery La Mie, but this time I wanted an excuse to 1) clean my place  2) try out a new recipe 3) host!

On the menu:

Julia Child’s soufflé with gruyere

turkey bacon

soft boiled eggs

homemade milk kefir


Freedom for Youth coffee

The verdict:  Yum. I’m not an expert at soufflé, but I know it was tasty, simple, and light. The soufflé wasn’t as fluffy as some, but I also didn’t fill the ramekins very full lest it overflow. Next time I will prep all the ingredients into little bowls since one mistimed step could ruin your entire soufflé.

brunch with friends
Breakfast with friends. The runner is a scarf I got from Beza Threads.org
Breakfast. Missoni mugs. Porch Light Antiques vintage plates.

What are your thoughts?

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