Fashion Friday: the Special K model who used to look like a boy

A mentor of mine is always reminding me that people who look successful usually have worked really hard and encountered many trials and failures along the way.  Looks can be deceiving, and what better example than some of the men on this season’s The Bachelorette, who, when their vignette opens are leading a team in a power suit or are running shirtless down the beach with their canine companion, rock-hard abs glistening in the sun.  One bachelor mentions, however, how his dad left them when they were little and how he cared for his severely mentally handicapped sister.

Another great example of turning lemons into lemonade is South African Lemon Lime Agency model Sabrina, who once told me she looked like a boy when she was younger.  I think she turned out pretty darn well, if you ask me.  See her latest commercial, below.


What are your thoughts?

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