Me…always the bridesmaid, never the bride (a garden tea party in photos)

This past weekend my friends and I threw a bridal shower for my friend Kate. She is very particular, with a keen sense of style, so we had a hard time planning and styling this shower at first. The theme was “Kate of Green Gables” because she loves Anne of Green Gables. We dressed fashionably prairie and drank raspberry cordial (in keeping with the theme). It was a great time, and some mentioned it was one of the best bridal showers they had ever been to!

I had help from my friends Emily and Jason making these yellow poufs, as well as making the food. The strange thing is, Emily and I are supposed to be the creatively-adept ones, but Jason the medical guy showed us up when it came time to make the poufs. Perhaps he chose the wrong profession. I think he secretly wishes he had chosen stand-up comedy instead of the ER.

On the menu: tea sandwiches (cucumber of course, radish, chicken with cranberry, and curried chicken and apple), spring salad, fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, raspberry cordial drink, spa water, and my favorite…virgin watermelon margaritas (just blended frozen watermelon and lime!) I’m not sure if anyone noticed we didn’t serve tea at our garden tea party.

*notice the cute pennant I made out of calico and yellow bias binding.

We didn’t play any games, but we ended the relaxing morning with a photo shoot and note-writing: writing a special memory of the couple, encouraging Bible verse, song lyrics (our Dave Matthews enthusiast Debbie of course included these), or whatever. I tea-dyed the sheets and will bind them in a handmade book with some special photos, in keeping with the handmade/homemade prairie theme of course.

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