Spraypainting my sewing table

I had purchased this vintage table at Salvation Army 2 years ago to use as my sewing table.  I got a great deal on it because I guess I had the sticker-shock-face for such an old table, so the guy gave me a good discount.

My designer friends Dylan and Kate were over this past winter, and I asked them what I could do to make my studio more hip and happening, and Dylan said I could spraypaint the legs of my coffee table and sewing table… et voíla! 

I chose lime green spraypaint because why not? Then I hauled my table to the backyard, and below are the steps I took to come to this cute thing.

the finished product!
the finished product!

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  1. I took all of the legs off.
  2. I lightly sanded them.
  3. I wiped them clean
  4. I primed it with spray prime then let dry (spray is a bit frustrating to work with because you have to shake the can so much, and my weak little fingers couldn’t press the nozzle down after a while)
  5. I spraypainted it with lime green spraypaint!

What are your thoughts?

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