Stitch: new sewing and knitting store in East Village Des Moines

Well, it’s finally here. Stitch, the knitting and sewing store, opened this month in Des Moines, Iowa’s hip and happenin’ East Village. I brought my mentee there, and Jess taught her how to knit! I have my eye on a handful of fabric prints that I will most certainly buy once I know I have time to actually make anything myself… Probably Christmas gifts.

When that happens, the ladies at Stitch will be seeing me over there sewing away and drinking their coffee ($6/hr. to use their sewing machines, free if you bring your own machine).

After my mentee and I left the store I asked, “So, what’d you think?” She said quietly, “It was fun.”  Five seconds later, “It was so fun!!! I can come here more, my brother can drop me off when he goes to work.”  Crafty-fun mission accomplished!

The beautiful ladies of Stitch!
The beautiful ladies of Stitch!

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