Recipe for black walnut tincture mouthwash homemade

Foraging for black walnut remedy
Foraging for black walnut remedy

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Slowly but surely I (Melissa) have been working on adding some natural remedies to my arsenal. Black Walnut tincture has been on my list ever since having some not-so-fabulous dental results earlier this spring.

I read about Black Walnut tincture in Rachel Weaver’s book Be Your Own Doctor. It has a couple of great uses. First, and most attractive at this point, is that it re-mineralizes tooth enamel. Therefore, you can use it when you have a toothache and/or when you know you have a cavity. It also kills parasites (everyone has them, sorry) and it is a remedy for fungus.

According to the book, the best time to collect black walnuts is usually in September or October when the husks are still green and they are starting to fall off the tree. So, the kids and I headed out to a nearby park where we had seen walnut trees earlier and we were able to find a nice stash. As an added bonus, it was a fabulous fall day so we enjoyed walking, playing with sticks, and watching the squirrels.

Recipe for Black Walnut Tincture
Making the Black Walnut Tincture was even easier that I thought it would be. It probably took me 2-3 minutes once I had all the ingredients.
Ingredient list:
– Black Walnut husks. You don’t need the walnuts, just the husks. You want the green husks. You’ll need enough husks to fill a quart size jar.
– Vodka
– Glycerine
It’s as simple as breaking the husks up and loosely putting them in a quart jar. You then add enough vodka & glycerine to cover the husks. Aim for 1/2 vodka & 1/2 glycerine. Once all that is in the jar, cover it and store it in a cool, dark area for two to four weeks. Strain off liquid and bottle it.
This is a really inexpensive tincture to make which is why I chose it for my first one. The black walnut husks are free. That large bottle of vodka was $6 from Costco and you don’t need the whole bottle. I happened to have glycerine on hand, but that ingredient doesn’t break the bank either.
There are different uses for this tincture- I’m going to have it on hand in case anyone in our family has a toothache or has a cavity. How awesome would that be if we could reverse tooth decay!

What are your thoughts?

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