DIY homemade stuffed plush turtle

This is my good side

I bartered with my friend a year ago to have him hack into something for me (ask me no questions), so in exchange I taught his wife how to sew.  I’ve taught wee little kids to women in their 60s how to sew, but I’d have to say, we had a good laugh when I saw how very little Melissa knew about sewing or anything related to sewing, compared to others. This was mainly because her mom sewed everything for them so she never needed to obtain that particular skill.

Well, how proud of a teacher am I, when a year later Melissa attempts to make this plush turtle toy for a baby shower, and nails it for the most part. 😉 She got the pattern for free off the world wide web (ask me if you want me to find the pattern for you.) She bribed me with getting to hang out with her cute kids and conversations about the best kombucha 2nd ferment recipe, so I helped her make this little turtle friend. We loaded the kids and snacks into the car on a rainy Saturday, and off we went to Hancock Fabrics. (Sidenote: I always forget how hard it is for parents to shop with kids in tow, the boys using anything long and narrow as a sword.)

I had her stop the car before we left the parking lot so that I could buy some $3 kettle corn from a man with a hook for a hand.

Well, the turtle toy was quite easy to make. Melissa the novice sewer finished this little guy in no time, mostly by herself! Now he’s ready for a new home.

stuffed plush turtle toy diy handmade
I love you

Hint: If there is a remnant fleece bin at your local fabric store, head there. We got our remnant fabric for $3 for 2 turtles.


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