Beautiful textiles designs and How to make a rag rug

Beautiful quilts at Hoover's childhood home
Beautiful quilts at Hoover’s childhood home

Although I’m currently making a seaside-themed quilt for my brother, I’m not much of a quilting person normally. I can, though, appreciate a beautiful textile when I see one.

Matthew and I took a road trip to West Branch, Iowa last weekend to visit the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, where our trip also coincided with their holiday celebration that included horse rides, an art auction, the Boy Scouts’ homemade donuts over a bonfire, free hotdogs at the fire station, and more.  (continued below)

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Some of my favorite visual things were the quilts and handmade rugs. Herbert Hoover grew up in a very small simple home, but I think it’s beautiful that we can take small scraps of fabric and fashion them into something both utilitarian and delightful to look at, that will also decorate the home.

Because rugs are a product that is heavy in slave labor, I took to the idea to make my own rag rugs out of scrap fabric. Here is a photo of a monotone one that I like, and here are some instructions to make your own.


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