French General store in Atwater Village: my excursion

Recently I took a trip to Los Angeles where part of my excitement, besides seeing my old friends, was going to visit French General in Atwater Village. 2 years ago I had purchased Kaari Meng’s book, The French-Inspired Home, read it probably 3 times over within a few days, and couldn’t stop talking about it to friends… Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get my French-linen-geek on.  One of my favorite stories from the book was of the superpowers of a vintage hemp sheet:  Kaari was at a French market on a buying trip, sweating on a cool morning, when a French woman asked if she had trouble sleeping through the night. When Kaari said yes, the French woman suggested sleeping with a vintage hemp sheet since it helps regulate body temperature.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze me…

While at the store, Matthew had a fun game for us: to pick out a gift for the other person. My gift to him was really for me: a book locket, which I later put on a necklace I had found at a Des Moines flea market for $1- my new favorite necklace. His gift to me was a gold foil book stamp with my initials in it.  I bought a bunch of charms and a pink ribbon to make a necklace (which, in the end, turned out to be a bracelet that serves as the inspiration for a new charm bracelet design I’m contracted to make).

Fun fact: vintage linens get stronger over time!

My purchase in a cute glassine bag

My purchase in a fun glassine bag

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4 thoughts on “French General store in Atwater Village: my excursion

  1. Oh I love French General! Have never been but it’s on my “must do” list. Just finished a quilt top with FG fabrics. You are a lucky girl!

  2. Oh!! How wonderful you share the same love for it! Would love to see your quilt top…Karina and I will see you at open studio this Thursday before your class starts!

  3. You went to French General? That is so cool. I am a FG fabric hoarder. I have an unfinished quilt top as well as a jelly roll to use. I would LOVE to go on one of her dyeing trips.

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