An unusual Valentine’s Day love story

I read this love story of actor John Fugelsang’s parents last year around Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t been able to forget about it. I think the commitment and love that this friar and nun had is so beautiful. What an unusual story! Read here

This is one of the first times I will be excited for Valentine’s Day, as my love is taking me to a fancy restaurant somewhere in So. California. I know what I’m going to wear too. I’m chopping off the bottom of this Veronica M. dress I’ve had, and making it into a peplum strapless top, et voilå!- a new-old top.

Below: a creative heart-shaped pastry I saw at La Mie Saturday morning! If I bought this I wouldn’t ever want to eat it.

Also, a few photos of new products I’m putting up in our Trouvés shop! Shop now.

Valentine pastry at La Mie
Valentine pastry at La Mie
Trouvés triangle stationery
Trouvés triangle stationery
Chalkboard flag
chalkboard flag

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