New body butter container in store!

I have a fresh new body butter container available in the online store now! I love the design of this, made by the talented designer Emily Lunt.  My hope is to make my own lavender essential oils for this in the future. I’ll be moving my lavender plant into more sunlight this spring so that it can grow bigger, and I’ll harvest the leaves and buds for use. Shop now.


“I am so glad I got introduced to Trouvés body butter! I have been looking for an all natural body lotion. And this is it! The very few ingredients, one of which is coconut oil and is so good for your skin, are clearly labeled and I know what all of them are. Unlike a regular bottle of lotion that is filled with chemicals and you don’t have a clue where most of the labeled ingredients come from. It’s a good feeling to know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and letting be absorbed into my body. You don’t need very much to moisturize your skin so it goes a long way. I also love that it’s made with pure essential oils. I will definitely continue to buy this product! Thanks!” -Adrienne, massage therapist

“I love the all-natural body butter! For starters, it smells incredible (like, really amazing) and I love the short ingredient list, all things that are great for my body. It’s now my go-to for gifts, because I know they’ll love it!” -Christina, missionary



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