My handmade plush bunny – Martha Stewart pattern

6 months after the fact I decide to get this stuffed animal done that I’ve been meaning to make for one of my retailers’ new baby. I chose Martha Stewart’s free online pattern of this bunny because it has a throwback vintage Little House on the Prairie vibe to it.

It was incredibly easy to make with scraps of material I had. Some things I would suggest:

1.  Since you need to handstitch the arms on, I sew it around two or three times to ensure the most secure seam.

2.  Make sure you place the ears inside the bunny body/head before you sew those pieces together.  I messed up on this twice.

3.  If you really didn’t want to bother with handsewing the arms on, you could alter the body pattern piece to include arms, whether long or stubby.

4.  I pencil on then handstitch the face on after I cut out the pattern pieces. I made the eyes closer together because I think that’s cuter.  I also changed the bunny nose and mouth.

After the bunny was done, he got to socialize a bit with Elliot Chicken before getting wrapped away for his new tiny owner.

I'm ready to be loved!
I’m ready to be loved!
Martha Stewart's printable free pattern
Martha Stewart’s printable free pattern

photo 2

here are all of the pieces cut out
here are all of the pieces cut out
the arms
the arms
the ears
the ears


fast friends
fast friends
a lime leaf I snipped accents the gift
a lime leaf I snipped accents the gift. The other gift on the bottom is the Jesus Storybook Bible.
I didn't have a card so I Sharpie'd an "I" for Isla.
I didn’t have a card so I Sharpie’d an “I” for Isla, that opened up like a card.

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