Gardening, rain barrels… 5 exciting things that are so right now

It’s Saturday, and I want to share with you things I am discovering or loving right now:

1. Pinterest has unlimited secret boards now!!

2. My sweet potato vine I am trying to grow from organic sweet potatoes I got from Gateway Market is not going very well. After 2 weeks I see 3 roots barely growing. If it doesn’t grow in 2 weeks I may be forced to go out and buy some starter plants to make a version of the below arrangement for my porch. …although I do have an indoor vine plant that I normally bring outside in the summer- I may use that too.

sweet potato vine spike and fill pot arrangement
sweet potato vine spike and fill pot arrangement

3. When my rain barrel overflows, the water gets into the foundation of the house. I’ve found an easy solution! Just put an overflow drain hose in. See here.

4. Planting seeds! In our grow zone, it is officially 2 weeks before the last frost date, so I am going to plant Cosmo flower seeds that I got from my friend Melissa, and plant spring peas outside, to join the cilantro seeds I already planted 3 weeks ago. I also pruned my rose bush (which I should’ve done in the fall), and I planted the 6 inch stems in the ground for new rose plants to grow. I need to pour some rooting hormone on it this weekend because I was lazy and didn’t do it before. One man actually puts the stem in a potato first then plants the rose branch.


5. Accompany: an ethically edited style website. I love this company! They’ve curated ethical fashion and home companies to make it easier to shop responsibly. They even have Raven + Lily, a company I love and used to volunteer for in their early greeting card days.

accompany us ethical style fashion


What are your thoughts?

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