New natural body bar up on the website!

I love this soap- I first discovered it at the Freedom For Youth arts fest. My friend BJ had taught a workshop teaching the youth how to make her soap. I bought a bar of lemongrass, and the rest is history. The bar lasted a long time, it smelled fantastic, and because it has natural ingredients I feel safe in the shower.

Head on over to Trouvés’ shop to see the 7 scents we have!

Here’s BJ’s testimony: Not too long ago, I began to wonder how my dry, sensitive skin would react without being fed a diet of ingredients whose names I cannot pronounce. So I learned to make my own soaps using only pure vegetable oils, essential oil, distilled water, the smallest possible amount of lye (required in soap making), along with some herbs or spices for color. And voilà! My morning showers now include waking up to an uplifting aroma, rich lather (great for shaving!), and gentle-yet-effective cleansing — without irritating my skin. It’s so gentle, I use it on my face, too. 

photo 3 (1)





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