How to make napkin rings (and other goings-on)

Happy 4th! Feliz el dia de independencia!

I went to a “Last Day of Dependence” party last night and saw some fireworks, so today is dedicated to crafts, cleaning, and gardening. I’ll also fill you in on the top 3 goings-on. See napkin ring-making tutorial at the bottom.

Napkin ring tutorial how to
Napkin ring tutorial how to

1. Summer is such a creative time in Des Moines, Iowa- I think it’s because we all hibernate in our harsh winters and drastically reduce the amount of social time (and shaving) we do. That is why, within a week’s time I started two different fashion collection collaborations that I’m really excited about but of course for now it’s on the hush hush. What’s not on the hush hush are the fun things I made in the past couple weeks that I must share!

2. I bought my Swedish Hasbeens! I hemmed and hawed over what size, what height, what color, what style, and once I bought them they were just in time for my California trip. I left them out in the rain so that they would shrink a little since I’m a 7.5 and I bought an 8. Everyone at work came in and said “did you know you left your shoes on your car?” I bought the tan high ones because Sarah Jessica Parker looked so chic in them. Plus, you can wear tan with everything. Swedish Hasbeens are so great because they last a long time, if the wood chips off you can just glue it back on, they’re made from hearty leather, I could walk for miles in them, and they come in so many chic styles! (I still need to shrink them the proper way: olive oil them, then get them wet then dry them in the sun.)

3. My Aha! nutritional find: I am always trying to find the healthiest things to put in my body (and if it doesn’t require a lot of time or money, that’s a plus). My boss couldn’t wait to get his Balance Complete meal replacement shake mix in, as he was plum out. He said, “It’s delicious and nutritious, and it makes me not crave a vanilla cream donut [from Dunkin Donuts]… except maybe the Oreo one.” This is because Young Living Balance Complete helps to satisfy hunger as well as balance blood sugar, and if made with milk, Balance Complete tastes like vanilla cake- yum. Order it here with my Referral #1739925 (ask me how you can get 24% off your orders and flat rate shipping.)


Floral Napkin Ring Tutorial

Materials needed:

– fake flowers or other tschotchkes

– 1-3 inch wide ribbon, cut into 5.25 inch long pieces

– hot glue gun

– needle and thread


1. Form a ring with the ribbon, overlap the ends and hot glue it.

2. (Some fake flowers you will need to hot glue it at the bottom to make sure it doesn’t come undone.) Hand-sew the flower onto the ring.

Voila! You now have beautiful napkin rings to impress your dinner guests. I love my hot pink and blood orange napkin rings- they’re so Betsy Johnson.


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