I love rosemary topiary plants!

My friend Tami showed me her new rosemary topiary she bought this weekend, and I am slightly obsessed.

Tami's rosemary topiary
Tami’s rosemary topiary

I didn’t have any rosemary plants to play with so yesterday I played around with one of my starter lilac bushes and made it into a topiary. My neighbor has a lilac tree like the one below that is gorgeous, but my little guy has a few more years before he reaches his full glory. (Update: Fast forward two years later, and I had completely forgotten about these lilac bushes I was forcing into topiaries. Well, I got married and moved out of state. When I came back home, I was surprised to see 2 2-foot bushes growing! I didn’t remember until reading this post again that I was forcing it into a topiary. These starter plants taken from my uncle’s garden did quite well for themselves!)

Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree from. Purchase from brighterblooms.com

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