THINX leak proof menstrual underwear – Methinks these are amazing!!

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THINX menstrual underwear. These are revolutionary! I just bought a pair to try out. They are period-proof leak-proof underwear designed by 3 women in New York. They’re also designed with a greater purpose- the designers had heard about girls in under-resourced communities in Africa and India having to miss a week of school every month, called their Week of Shame, because they had their periods. They would also have to use whatever was around like dirty rags, leaves, sticks, mud. Millions of girls then have to drop out of school because they get so far behind in their studies. For every THINX underwear you buy, 7 reusable pads will be produced for one girl by AfriPads, an organization that also employs women to sew the pads.

What a great company! I am always looking for ways to be more a more eco-friendly conscious consumer. First I started with trying the Diva Cup silicone cup you use like a tampon, but then empty it, wash it, and reinsert it (the Diva Cup leaks for me, but it may be because of the way my cervix is- plenty of women love the Diva Cup.) I also just bought the MeLuna cup to try out (Update: I like it! With the Diva Cup I had to empty every 1/2 hour but on my heaviest day it’s only every 4 hours. I use the DivaCup on my light days since it is softer and more flexible), but I wish I would’ve seen this before, the Femmy Cycle which has a patented no-leak design. Is it weird to ask for a silicone cup and leaf-proof undies for your birthday?…



What are your thoughts?

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