Healthy raw chocolate fudge brownies: my wedding day diet plan


Raw chocolate fudge brownies from Hungry Happy Healthy

I need to seriously get serious about losing the lazy pounds I’ve gained lately in order to look my version of great on my wedding day! So I’ve turned to brownies, but the healthy version. But first, a little about my upcoming wedding…

I’ve vowed to try to look better than Kate Middleton (am I supposed to refer to her as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now? Anyway…) in her two Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gowns. Don’t know if that’s quite possible since she looked stunning, but I’m taking a stab at it. I’ll be making my own dress with a self-imposed $60 budget, so stay tuned to my adventures in that! (By the way people, I used to design wedding dresses.) I’ve already made a sample of the bridesmaid dress, and just got in the roll of fabric for the rest of the dresses. The color is a beautiful deep magenta and I think the accent color will be chartreuse unless anyone has a suggestion… The bridesmaids dresses are convertible infinite dresses and they look AMAZING on. Can’t wait to share pictures! I’m going to leave it up to the bridesmaids whether or not they want to cut a slit in the front for a little leg flash, a la Angelina Jolie Oscars 2012 (who I’m slightly obsessed with right now by the way, after watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith again.) I’ll tell you a little secret about my wedding dress and Kate Middleton’s dress: It’s about proportion. One reason why she looked so great in her dress was the proportions. They padded her hips so that the silhouette was fuller. Anyway, enough about my fall wedding, on to my diet plan: brownies.

I haven’t made these brownies yet (recipe below) by Hungry Happy Healthy, but every time I look at them I drool a little. (Update: I made them and they’re delicious! It made me almost not miss glutenous desserts. I’m just starting on the raw foods so I need to get used to not having the sugary bloat-inducing baked goods I once had… so I still miss a regular brownie! I will try these next time, which uses gluten-free flour and may be more similar to a traditional brownie. I don’t know why I put the orange in, I don’t really like orange and chocolate together. I will leave that out next time. I had used 1 drop of food-grade orange essential oil by Young Living.) My friend had shared this recipe she uses all the time, and I made sure to save it to Pinterest to make for later. The great thing about this is you can keep them in the freezer and thaw them in 10  minutes to munch on. Some might say I’m a bit of a food grazer, so this is the perfect low-cal treat for me. I’ve realized that I can’t get away from grazing no matter how hard I try, so I may as well keep healthy snacks around! I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of making healthy treats without dairy or gluten since those two things upset my stomach (leaky gut…), so my taste buds, my gut, AND my friends will thank me for making these brownies. I can’t not make these now.

If you’re not into the nut no-flour brownie, here’s another amazing-looking fudgy brownie recipe I’d like to try that uses gluten-free flour.

In the words of Julia Child, Bon apetit!

Healthy Raw Chocolate Fudge Brownies by Hungry Happy Healthy

Ingredients – Makes 16:

-150g/1 cup almonds (you could use a mixer of almonds, pecans and walnuts too)

– 30g/Quarter of a cup of cocoa powder and another 60g/half a cup of cocoa powder

– 3 tbsp water – 4 tbsp shredded coconut

– 150g/1 cup of pitted dates

– 4 tbsp honey

– 1 tbsp orange essence or juice from an orange (you could use mint or any other flavour you like, but I really like the combination of chocolate and orange. You could leave it out altogether as well.

– 4 tbsp almond butter (you could use any nut butter you like).

– 2 bananas

1) Put the almond, 30g/quarter of a cup of cocoa, coconut and dates in a food processor and process until it forms a crumb like consistency. Mix in the water.

2) Tip this mixture into a brownie pan and press down with your hands so it is packed down.

3) Put the rest of the cocoa, honey, orange essence, almond butter and bananas in a food processor until smooth.

4) Spread onto the pressed crumb mix and then put it in the freezer.

5) Whenever you want a bit, take it out of the freezer and cut a piece off and put the rest back in the freezer. You can eat it straight out of the freezer if you like the brownie to be a bit harder or if you want it softer, leave it for 5-10 minutes before eating. It is delicious either way.


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