Week in Review: Trouvés’ Top Three! (Bryr clogs, Pink Peonies, miracle stain remover)

Trouvés Top Three!

1. I love my Swedish Hasbeen sandals (Super Highs in tan)- they are so comfortable I was able to walk around for two hours with them when they weren’t entirely broken in yet. I’ve also played badminton in them. Strange that wooden shoes can be comfortable. I found another great shoe company made in California, Bryr. They make quality, classic wooden clogs out of San Francisco. In in age when fast disposable fashion is the norm, it is refreshing to see a company taking the time to craft a shoe that will last for generations.

For the fall, I’m considering the Suzie bootie in black. Love!


2. Miracle homemade stain remover. I love upcycling, but the downside to this is not being sure if stains on the garment are going to come out. Last week I went to Salvation Army and found a vintage floral house dress that I turned into a skirt, but first I got the stain out. I used a little bit of Dawn dish soap, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, and vinegar on the stain, then scrubbed it a little with an old toothbrush. I put all the clothes in the wash with a couple drops of Thieves essential oil to disinfect the clothes, and let it sit for an hour before letting the machine run. Et voila! Stains be gone!


I was inspired to use the Dawn on the stain from My Life In Pink’s stain remover post. This recipe has ingredients everyone has on hand:

2 parts peroxide

1 part Dawn (if you want to do all-natural, try castile soap)

1 part baking soda

3. My favorite Instagram account right now is blogger and jewelry designer Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies. Great photos, cute clothes styling, and amazing interior design. Since I will be moving back to SoCal later this year and will need to decorate, I was wondering what look I’d want to go for. I think I have a winner! Her look is just really clean, modern, fresh, and elegant. (Update: the fiance is looking to be opposed to the modern decor idea. We’ll see what he says about Modern French style.)

Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies


What are your thoughts?

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