My obsessive neighbor’s secret for a weed-free lawn: generic Menard’s Weed and Feed (and check out my rose garden!)

I feel like I’ve been so lazy with my garden this year, as I’ve had so much else going on, but I guess if you nurture them more in the springtime, they’ll do just fine.

This one hadn't bloomed all summer
This one hadn’t bloomed all summer, and now, glory glory

Last night I was harvesting my indeterminate roma tomatoes off of my 4 deck container plants and my neighbors came home, so I offered them some tomatoes. That led to her chit chatting for an hour about weddings and plants, and by the help of the moonlight she broke out her beloved continuous RoundUp and sprayed my sidewalk overgrown with weeds– the perfect end to a summer night. In the first couple of years of home ownership I was very against any chemicals on the lawn, and then the weeds and creeping charlie broke me. I’ll just make sure to keep the chemicals away from my vegetables, and use it sparingly. pink_rose1yellow_rose_full

We also admired my $14 InnoGear solar walkway lights I put up myself with my rickety ladder and cheap power drill (I really could’ve used a more powerful drill for this project.) I did my research and am satisfied with this choice. They have been up for a few months and stay lit throughout the night, getting brighter when there is motion nearby. Let’s see how they hold up through the winter. I put these solar lights up because I have this thing where I ask myself during every purchasing decision I make, “If all hell breaks loose in my city, will this sustain me?”

Menard's Weed & Feed
Menard’s Weed & Feed

I have also been having problems with a weedy and sparse lawn, and my neighbor told me about a product she has been loving. After trying the name-brand kind and being dissatisfied because it killed her lawn, she got Menard’s house brand of Weed & Feed, around $14. It feeds your lawn while also killing the weeds in it. The sweet thing is, she offered to use her broadcaster and apply the Weed & Feed on our lawn herself. I said I’d buy the spring Weed & Feed and she’d take care of the late summer/fall bag, and we struck a deal. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a major high for me this week.


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