Trouves Top Three!: Make Your Own Patterns via BurdaStyle, Homemade Lotion Bars, and TeaPop Los Angeles

Hello all! It’s been a very inspiring week! Besides the fact that Rory Gilmore has inspired me to read more, I’ve been making some fun items and making creative discoveries.

Trouves Top Three!

  1. I finally made my all-natural body lotion bars! It is heavenly. When I was testing one out, I rubbed it on my dry, calloused feet, and wouldn’t you know it, it felt great! My feet felt moisturized and healthy even though I need a good pedicure soak. I received a lotion bar ages ago from my friend Melissa who bought it at a farmer’s market in NW Iowa, and I have loved using it while I’m travelling. Because it is a solid bar it won’t spill or explode on the airplane. Once it comes in contact with warm skin, it melts and moisturizes, and the beeswax helps seal in the moisture. These are also great for people who work with their hands a lot doing crafts, gardening, washing dishes, etc. I made these because my lotion bar was running out, and I also had 13 cute little tins that I wanted to use before I moved. I have made them available in the shop here. 
The lotion bar!
The lotion bar!

2. I just found out my friend Arlene is the owner of TeaPop in North Hollywood. ?!? The last I knew of this gal, we were dancing together at our church’s dance ministry. Yes, my church had a dance ministry and we were good, okay? Just don’t look up any videos of me where I had to pop and lock. No one needs to see that again.

Below event designed by Good Taste and Gatherings.




3. BurdaStyle has a great tutorial on how to take your patterns and digitize them to share with others! I’d like to get into pattern-making a little more. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s also a great way to earn some passive income if you do the digital downloads.


What are your thoughts?

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