Free Easy Dress or Tank Top Pattern for Little Girls and Newborn, adjustable – Quick sew for beginner sewers too!

free easy dress pattern for girl newborn

Cute tiny gifted newborn outfits are such a nice gesture, but isn’t it frustrating when your newborn can only wear them for a few weeks before they’ve gotten too big for them? I just made my newborn cousin a couple of full dress-bloomer-headband outfits, and I know she’ll be able to fit into them for years.

This adjustable dress is amazing- It’s only a few steps away from taking two rectangles and just sewing them together. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap, it makes for a great baby shower gift, and my favorite part is shopping for the fun fabrics. For a $10 yard of designer fabric, you’ll only pay $5 for a full dress-and-bloomer set! Or you could even upcycle daddy’s old button-down shirt to make these items.

In this tutorial there is a free pattern for an adjustable pillowcase dress from newborn to teen. In an upcoming post, I’ll share a bloomer and headband pattern.

a newborn dress that fits a toddler as a tank top. Love this eyelet fabric!
Toddler dress with stretchy fabric headband

Materials for dress:

1/2 yard light to medium weight cotton fabric, that’s it!


Pillowcase Dress Directions:

1. Make sure you utilize the width of the fabric to try to get 1 dress and 1 bloomer out of 1/2 yard of 45″ fabric. You may have to cut into the selvedge a bit.

I lay it out at the same time, then cut.

2. To make a newborn dress, cut 2 (15 by 10.5″) rectangles.

3.Cut the neck tie piece. 1 inch wide and (1.5 times the width of the dress)

4. See Figure A. Cut off 1.25″ to angle the dress.

figure a

5. See Figure B to cut the arm holes.

tip: I fold the dress in half so that I just have to cut it once.

6. Hem the sleeves at 1/4″

7. Sew the dress together at sides, either serging it or french seams.

8. Hem the dress at 1/4″

9. Sew the tie.

10. Sew the neck part of the dress just big enough for the tie to go through.

11. String the tie through.

Optional: Print your own label (I’ll show you how in an upcoming tutorial), sew it in, package it up with pretty wrapping paper and upcycled ribbon, and present it as a lovely homemade gift!

If you ended up using this pattern, share a photo or tag Trouves Home on Instagram. Happy sewing!


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