My Japanese Facial Regimen to get Fresh, Glowing Wedding Skin

Hello everyone! In the last week my skin has been very dry because fall is coming. In my 30’s this means my smile lines and wrinkles are also more prominent, but I want my face to look radiant in a few months for my wedding! I look young for my age since I’ve worked hard at putting natural products on it, but I think my unhealthy gut has taken its toll on my face, including getting painful cysts on my jawline (see my post about it here). I had looked up six years ago what the Japanese do to make their skin look so flawless. I then drank a lot of green tea and water and ate strawberries and blueberries, and it worked- my face looked amazing and glowing, especially compared to how dull it had been looking. Contact me if you have any questions about how I got my skin to clear up! Skip to the bottom to read about my Japanese beauty regimen, but first, here’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Autumn is almost here! In the Midwest that means raking, pumpkins on the porch, mums in fun pots, and making a fall wreath with friends. I already bought a purple mum last week and put her in a cute yellow pot- I feel like it’s my baby, I’m so proud of her every time I drive by. You can see her hiding in the photo.

propped-up blue shutters. What do you think of the blue? I was going to do a midnight blue. Update: See the finished project on my Instagram!

On the wedding front, I vow to start sewing my wedding dress next week. I had said I would have it done before I had my bridal showers, so that means I have 2 weeks to finish it!

I’m very excited because today Revised comes to my house to do some minor Revised_des_moines_iowa_construction_contractorrepairs and put up my blue shutters for me. Revised: A New Perspective on Home Remodeling is the genius concept of Caleb W. who went to my former church. He teaches underresourced young adults how to fix and build homes. Caleb is a strong-jawed home building visionary and his wife is a perky rockstar teacher with a huge heart. Come to think, Caleb reminds me of the actor in The Longest Ride.

My Japanese beauty regimen for beautiful skin:

  1. Drink as tea or add matcha green tea powder to my food. This has something like 10x more antioxidants than gojiberries or acai berries. It is also chock full of Vitamin C, which makes for a glowing complexion, and “breaks up melanin and removes pigmentation.” –
  2. Oil cleansing method. I’ve been doing the Japanese oil cleansing method for a year now, and it’s great! I got my recipe from Wellness Mama, and use the castor oil/almond oil recipe. Making a 2 oz. bottle costs about $0.50 and lasts ~4-6 months. I would also like to get a pack of Revive fair trade sustainable bamboo washcloths $16/pack of 5 to take the oil off. download
  3. Take Omega 3 fatty acids via fish, flax seed, or chia seeds in my yogurt. I get my organic chia and flax seeds from Trader Joe’s. I used to make my own kefir yogurt but I got tired (or lazy) of making it. p.s. Did you know you can mail kefir grains? I just washed it off, put it in a baggie, and mailed it to my bro. Fermenting: the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Seaweed. I love sushi, but it can get pretty pricey. My friend J. once told me that sometimes she goes to get sushi by herself because if she goes with her husband it can get too expensive. I buy the snack-size MSG-free seaweed papers from the C Fresh Market grocery store ($0.30/pack), and just fill it with rice, fish, grapeseed oil “mayo”, cucumber, avocado, sesame, and pop it in my mouth-easy! I used to make sushi rolls but that was too time-consuming.
  5. I make my own daily facial moisturizing oil. It’s Trader Joe’s jojoba oil with 1-2 drops of quality Young Living rose oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, and carrot seed oil for SPF. I used to put lemon oil in it, and loved that it got rid of my scars, but I now reserve that for my night cream since it makes your skin sensitive to sun. Contact me if you want to order a bottle with or without signing up for the membership discount.
  6. Collagen Gummy Bears- My friend Melissa gave me one of her collagen bears and I was sold. I use Great Lakes kosher beef gelatin to make gummy squares and use this easy recipe from I tried twice to drink it in juice but the new texture and taste is too different for me to stomach. (Update: I am now fine drinking it in juice!)

Let me know if you tried any of my Japanese beauty tips, and how it worked out!


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