Free little girl’s flutter sleeve dress and top pattern

I found THE CUTEST free little girl’s dress pattern. I don’t have any kids YET but when you get to that age where your entire Facebook feed is about potty training and cleaning the house, you know you have a lot of people to make fun handmade gifts for. I’m also at that stage where I feel like I’ve experienced everything I want to experience as a single person, and I want kids, like, yesterday. I can’t wait to dress them up in colorful prints and call them Mini-Me. Right now a good second is playing with my friends’ kids. I love the story of this little 12 month old whose mama had offered her a cheese stick one time too many, apparently, and she waved her little hand at mama and said her first full sentence, “I said don’t!” Whenever I retell the story around her, she looks at me, then waves both her hands from side to side and shakes her head.



Free patterns

It’s Always Autumn‘s blog has free patterns and printables. I can just imagine some of my little cousins wearing this dress with braided hair- the flutter sleeves makes it look so precious, and I love that she made one in a chambray. This is going on my sewing to-do list!

It's Always Autumn
It’s Always Autumn

If you don’t think you can sew this, just remember:

Beautiful girl you can do hard things
Coincidentally, this digital print also available in the shop.

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