Make your OWN chalkboard paint with BB Frosch. So easy, and cheap!

I discovered an amazing product this week, but first, the latest on my fabulous life! Isn’t that how blogs go?

Tonight I went to Zumba at the YMCA, and it was completely packed. I loved that there were girls as young as seven exercising with all of us adults. For one song, we had to wiggle across the room, and at the end of the song I was in the way corner. I started to walk back to my spot, like everyone else, but the two girls who were in my spot just stayed there (because it was a good spot). I couldn’t see  the instructor, so I decided, “If you can’t see ’em, dance like no one’s watching.” I think that’s how the saying goes. So I did my own free spirited dancing in the corner, no one even noticed, and I felt great afterwards.

I wanted to share my favorite flower of the week! I love large Dr. Seuss-esque flowers. Part of my garden plans in the near future are growing dinner plate dahlias in a container or in my community garden plot. How fun would this be to grow a whole cut-garden full and then just give them to people as gifts?


Make your OWN Chalkboard Paint

Mom Melissa just told me about an amazing product she just used that turns virtually any paint into chalkboard paint– that means not only can you write on it like a chalkboard, but you don’t have to sand before painting. After years of disinterestedly hearing about chalkboard paint, that utilitarian fact piqued my interest. The chalkboard paint powder is called BB Frosch and it starts at only $10, and $15 for the wax if you want to seal and protect for high-traffic areas. The website and branding is perfect, the price is right… can this company do no wrong? For those of you who take DIY to another frugalista level, I’ll share in an upcoming post how you can make your own chalkboard paint with one ingredient from the hardware store. Yup, you heard me.



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