Inspiration to help you declutter your house and mind like a country maiden: Fine Little Day

My favorite Instagram account right now is Fine Little Day. Elisabeth Dunker is an artist and designer in Sweden, and has become popular (117,000-followers-popular) due to her ethereal Instagram photos of a simpler, uncluttered life. She takes a lot of her photos during her stroll at dawn, creating that soft lighting that makes you want to 1) Keep perusing her Instagram account or 2) Hopefully go on a morning stroll yourself.

Fine Little Day
Fine Little Day

It may have been Fine Little Day’s simple lifestyle that inspired me to declutter this Labor Day weekend. I KonMari-organized my bedroom: I got rid of a ton of clothes, including sweaters I love since I won’t need them in SoCal, and I took everything out from underneath my bed… I can’t remember if that is a KonMari thing or a Feng Shui thing. At any rate, it makes me feel better that those things aren’t under the bed collecting dust.

I’m also becoming more mindful of not being a “busy” person. After my wedding in a couple of months, I fully intend to say “no” to my own crazy ideas, and instead, create space for people, prayer, and hopefully join the art ministry at my parish and start painting again.

As a small business owner and designer, I’m sure the rest of Elisabeth’s day is hectic, so I love that she starts her day with a morning walk. Perhaps you could start your own morning stroll movement in your neighborhood…

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