31 Bits’ Nordstrom collaboration and Holiday party (and me getting my SoCal sandy feet, leaving behind my Midwest country walking-on-gravel feet)

31_bits_holiday_shoppingLast week I put a halt on decorating my new OC apartment and went to 31 Bits’ headquarters in Costa Mesa to help them get their holiday items together, namely the Bitsies kids collection for Nordstrom.com.

I and a few other ladies listened to Christmas music, snacked on the munchies, and got to know each other while we put necklaces in little drawstring bags. 31 Bits has come so far since I first worked with them around 2008- they now help employ 150 Ugandan women jewelry artisans! If you’re in the area, this Thursday is your chance to party, get a swag bag, and help support a great company. You can also shop online!

BITSBAZAAR costa mesa social enterprise jewelry company holiday shopping market

31_bits_refined_bracelet 31_bits 31_bits_marketing 31_bits_holiday 31_bits_refined 31_bits_jewelry


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