How to make Julia’s Butter Pecan cupcakes perfectly light and buttery

cupcake_butter_pecan2The other week I wanted to make a half batch of cupcakes for our dessert. I was about to frost it when I realized there was hardly any store-bought frosting left. I proposed I walk to the corner store to buy some, but who goes grocery shopping after dinner? When I need to think really creatively, I either close my eyes or stand really still while the wheels turn. A few seconds later it hit me- we had 1 cup of leftover heavy cream from Thanksgiving! I whipped that up and let Matthew taste it. I don’t think he was expecting such a taste explosion in his mouth, judging from his reaction. I think it was the spirit of Julia Child helping her namesake make great food (I was actually named after Julia Child.) I made these cupcakes once for a friend’s birthday, and I always peek around at people to see their reaction. One guy at another table took one bite, then just shoved the entire thing in his mouth in one fell swoop. I think that means he liked it?

First, here are a few photos this week of our little simple life- getting our Douglas Fir Christmas tree this week that they brought down from Oregon- It smells delicious! Getting and putting up your first real Christmas tree together, though, requires a LOT of communication and patience… and good cheer! Today I also knit a few rows on my beige wool Wiksten Jul hat. I love it already, but I guess that’s why knitters are addicted to knitting- because it’s not just the end product but also the process. I crocheted a hat eons ago that looks similar to it, but it’s made of acrylic so it’s not ideal. I used the branches from the bottom portion of our tree to make this simple wreath, with green floral wire leftover from our wedding. I could have went crazy and made a Country Living-esque wreath but who has time for that, especially when we just moved and I’m trying to figure out how to wife?


I also toasted on the stovetop in a little olive oil 1/8 cup chopped pecans and sprinkled this on top of the cupcakes. Heavenly. You know someone likes your recipe when they ask you how to make it. I told Matthew my secrets. I either add a tiny bit more oil or a chopped up strawberry into the cake batter to make it moist, light, and fluffy, and I make sure not to overbake.

Julia’s Accidental Amazing Butter Pecan Frosting

1 cup cold heavy whipping cream

1/2 Tbs. organic sugar

1/2 Tbs. pure almond extract

Whip all ingredients on medium speed for about 7 minutes until peaks form. Make sure not to whip too much as it will turn into butter. Frost cupcakes. Sprinkle with toasted pecans.


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