DIY Chalk Paint with Hardware Store Find – My $5 painted night stand

before and after furniture chalk paint


I am DIYing all over town now that I’ve found this amazing recipe from Martha Stewart for DIY chalk paint. As some of you know, Annie Sloan chalk paint is around $40 for a quarter of a gallon. The amazing thing about chalk paint is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAND the furniture before painting. Having worked at a paint company before, I know that sanding is a lot of man hours figured into the cost of painting wood.

I wrote previously about BB Frosch, a $10 powder you can mix into ANY PAINT CAN you have lying around, and voila, you have chalk paint. This is a wonderful option. Chalk paint gives a soft matte finish to your project. If you prefer a smoother finish, a wax seal could then be used over the top once the paint dries. If you are a hard-core DIYer like myself, you look for the cheapest/best option, and Martha Stewart came to the rescue.

The secret? Non-sanded grout from the hardware store, or you may even have it in your garage! A pound of it is around $11. See below for the recipe.

Here are photos of my night stand I got at Orange Peel Thrift Shop for $5. It was a dark wood in great condition, but we are going for a Scandinavian coastal theme which is clean and white with soft grey and touches of black- fresh but not cold. I also got this white shelf there for $5 that had a lot of scuff marks on it, so I painted it! I had found these horns at a thrift store in Des Moines, Iowa, brought it to California with me, and painted that as well! I will post a photo of the dresser we found on the side of the road because someone was moving out and ridding of it. I painted that a soft white as well and put the cutest Moroccan contac paper in the drawers. It’s held up well even with all of the opening and closing and bumping. I had even put a heavy metal puncher on top of it and it accidentally got pushed around. There is a light scuff, but it didn’t scratch the paint off. (Update: while it has held up well, I would definitely recommend sealing it!) For the rest of the apartment, I get excited for the first of the month to come because that means I can buy more supplies to finish putting together our little place.


If you got to the end of this post and live in the US, comment below and I’ll send you a few Tablespoons of grout so you can get started DIYing!



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