Free printable reindeer motif easy wrapping paper for soap or other small tchotchkes


Hello and Happy Christmas Eve! I wanted to share this little soap gift bag I just made, because maybe you, like me, are still wrapping gifts!

We are about to leave to go Christmas meal grocery shopping and pick up Matthew’s gift to himself at Best Buy. We have the most amazing food lineup which includes dairy free butternut squash mac & cheeze from Oh She Glows, turkey bacon white wine skillet from Pinch of Yum, and fresh strawberry pie, which is Matthew’s favorite. We are making that tonight for Christmas Eve because we realized Christmas day is a Friday, and we don’t eat meat on Friday’s! So we are having an asian Christmas meal: vegetable pad thai and vegetarian eggrolls. My family makes the best eggrolls so I learned well. Everyone likes me when I bring eggrolls to a potluck. (Yes, that is how I make friends, if you were wondering.) We are staying put for Christmas because we’ve been galavanting all over the US lately for our wedding/honeymoon.


Well, I put together this little Christmas packaging for Trouvés’ soaps. I don’t sell these soaps online right now but am considering bringing them back. You can follow the tutorial below for how to fold a sheet of printer paper into a little Christmas package, below. I’ve also included the reindeer wrapping paper you can print out on your printer. My husband thinks they are elk because he’s the wildlife guy, but whatever.

Here it is! –> Click to download the PDFreindeer_motif

I cut 3/8″ off each side and 5/8″ off the top to package my soaps.


What are your thoughts?

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